About Us

At Uniluxe, we believe that a well-designed uniform should be a reflection of your brand.

Uniluxe is a professional uniform design company providing businesses with designer custom uniforms. We specialize in designing exclusive hotel, restaurant, beauty, retail and uniforms for special events for a staff of 15 or more. At Uniluxe we believe that a well-designed uniform is a reflection of your brand and an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy. That’s why we source, design and customize products based on your specific needs. We have designers who are up to date with current trends, fabrics, styling and who will guide you throughout the process.

Every business has different needs – we get that – and work directly with our clients through each step of the design process to create a custom uniform that is professional, dynamic and UNIQUELY expressive of YOUR brand!

What sets Uniluxe apart is our ability to manage the entire design process. From design conception to delivery, our talented team of specialized pattern cutters, sewers and designers will work with you at every step to bring you vision to life!

We offer face-to-face consultation on site to help visualize your uniform design concept. To discuss your business requirements or any related inquiries, please contact us.